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The iNANO Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility was inaugurated on December 1st 2016 Aarhus University purchased a direct electron detector (Gatan K2 Summit) for the high-end Titan Krios 300 kV electron microscope in 2016. This detector allows high resolution data of protein molecules, other macromolecules, macromolecular complexes or cells to be collected.

Fully equipped EMlab

An EMlab with the equipment necessary for screening and optimizing samples for negative stain and cryo-EM single particle analysis and other biological EM work is part of the Facility. This includes a Vitrobot (FEI Mark IV), carbon coater (Leica), glow discharger (EasiGlow), critical point dryer (Leica), ultramicrotome (Leica) and plasma cleaner (Fischione). Furthermore, samples for cryo-electron tomography can be prepared using focused ion beam milling under cryogenic conditions.

Easy collection of data

High resolution single particle data can be collected automatically on the Titan Krios using EPU and high resolution tomography data can be collected automatically using SerialEM. The K2 Summit PC is connected with a dedicated optical cable to our local petabyte data storage and high performance computing cluster (Electron Microscopy Computing Cluster - EMCC) allowing ultrafast data transfer and processing. Data is streamed using the Scipion pipeline which gives the user real time information on data quality and allows the first steps of data processing to be performed parallel to data collection.

Use of the facility

The Facility offers local AU users, users from other DK research institutions, international academic users and industrial users access to state of the art cryo-EM equipment and specialist assistance in a range of areas including single particle analysis and tomography.

Streamlined Tecnai

When screening and optimizing samples on the 120 kV Tecnai Spirit transmission microscope, single particle data can be collected automatically with Leginon. The data are stored in a database for on the fly processing using the Appion pipeline.

Cryo-sample preparation and imaging

The Facility includes scanning electron microscopes for cryo-sample preparation (Versa 3D FIB-SEM) and imaging (Nova NanoSEM).


Users can get info about access and training by contacting EM Engineer Ramon Liebrechts (rlie@inano.au.dk) or Cryo-EM Facility Manager Thomas Boesen (thb@mbg.au.dk)

Interact with your data

Manage your data interactively though this website

More examples

Loader 3D model

At embion we have the following


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Titan krios

Titan Krios 300 kV TEM

Objective lens spherical aberration corrector
Gatan 967 Special Energy filter with full spectroscopy (EELS)
K2 Summit electron counting direct detection device (post-GIF)
Orius CMOS camera (post-GIF)
UltraScan-4000 CCD (pre-GIF)
Volta Phase Plate (installation primo 2018)
EPU automated data collection
SerialEM automated data collection
Scipion data processing pipeline

Tecnai Spirit 120 kV TEM

TWIN lens
TemCam-F416 (4kx4k) TVIPS CMOS bottom mounted camera
Veleta (2kx2k) CCD side mounted camera
Leginon/Appion automated data collection pipeline

Tecnai Spirit
Versa 3D

Versa 3D Focused Ion Beam SEM

Cryo-stage for cryo FIB-SEM
Auto Slice and View
High vacuum mode: Everhart-Thornley Detector (ETD)
ESEM(gaseous)mode: Low-vacuum Detector (LVSED) and Gaseous detector (GSED)
vCD, 4-segment backscattered electron detector (BSED)
IR camera, Integrated Infra-Red inspection camera

Nova NanoSEM

EDAX EDS system, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
SED, Everhart Thornley secondary electron detector.
TLD-SE, in-lens secondary electron detector.
SS-BSED is a solid-state backscattered electron detector.
UHR low vacuum SED (Helix detector)
Low vacuum solid-state BSED (GAD)
IR camera, Integrated Infra-Red inspection camera

Nova NanoSEM

The team

Trolle Linderoth - iNANO Director

Trolle Linderoth

iNANO Director

Poul Nissen - DANDRITE Directorr

Poul Nissen

EMBION Director

Thomas Boesen - Cryoem facility manager

Thomas Boesen

Cryo-EM Facility Manager

Jesper Lykkegaard Karlsen - Scientific Computing

Jesper L. Karlsen

Scientific Computing

Andreas Boeggild - Senior Applications Specialist

Andreas Boeggild

Senior Applications Specialist

Ramon Liebrechts - Electron microscopy engineer

Ramon Liebrechts

EM technical Manager

Pia Bomholt Jensen - EMlab Manager

Pia B. Jensen

EMlab Manager

Taner Drace - Applications Specialist

Taner Drace

Applications Specialist


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